July 12 – Friday: THEORY

8am — Breakfast

9am —
Welcome and Introductions

Context presentation: Specialty coffee and the World Coffee Producer Forum
Table discussion: What did you learn from the Forum? What was most compelling?

10am — Avance and the SCA’s Price Crisis Response

Presentation: What do we seek to accomplish at Avance 2019?

10:30am – Coffee Break

11am – Coffee Systems Mapping

Workshop: Identify and map root causes driving unsustainability in the coffee industry, as well as the levers to pull to shift the coffee system to be sustainable. Components of the mapping include: overlaying major initiatives and organizations in the coffee system onto the systems map and indicate how they are creating change, their connectivity and complementarity; recognizing where there are opportunities for convergence (and hence additionality) and gaps; and identifying the enabling conditions to succeed.

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Mapping, Continued

3:30pm – Coffee break

4:00pm – Finishing Mapping

5:30pm – Close

6pm — Cocktails

7:00pm – Dinner


July 13 – Saturday: PRACTICE

7am – Depart Hotel

8:30am – Breakfast

Context presentation: Coffee systems in Brazil Key questions: How does the global coffee system from the previous day’s mapping look in Brazil? What power dynamics and barriers are most important? What tools, resources, and strategies do producers in Brazil use in pursuit of sustainability, not only economically but also environmentally and socially?

10:00am – Farm visits

6:00pm – Return to hotel

7:00pm – Close