Avance is a conference on coffee sustainability, hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association. This event brings together sustainability leaders and passionate advocates from across the coffee value chain – including representatives of roasters and retailers from coffee-consuming countries and farmers, workers, development practitioners, and public officials from coffee-producing countries – to learn from experts and from one another about global issues affecting the coffee sector.

The two-day event will consist of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and dialogue on topics like climate change and coffee production economics, with a focus on the Central American context. Avance is designed to be inclusive of roles and experience levels across the coffee industry, as well as of English and Spanish speakers. This conference is the first of its kind and an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to connect themselves and their businesses to the fast-growing sustainability community.


Why Avance?

Spanish speakers (and French speakers, for that matter) will recognize Avance as a word meaning to advance or move forward. We choose to build our first sustainability conference around this concept because it reflects our belief in working tirelessly to realize coffee’s potential to be better, whether environmentally, socially, or economically, and we chose the Spanish word because the national language of the host country, Guatemala, is Spanish, and many of our participants are native Spanish speakers.